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Aoi KYOTO STAY: Styles

In traditional Japanese townhouses, called "Machiya", you can experience Japanese culture in an unsurpassed and special way. Entering a Machiya means entering the world of Japan's ancient cultural traditions.

In the construction of Machiya traditionally only natural materials like wood, mud, and paper are used. For a long time they were dominating the cityscape of Kyoto with their narrow façades and the interior that extends far back from the streets.

The floors covered in tatami, mats made from rice straw, let you feel the closeness to the nature in a unique way. There are, in addition, gardens which are integrated in some of the houses to make for a refuge aside the bustle of the city. But not only do those gardens create a quiet environment when watching them from the inside of the house; they also contribute to a pleasant climate in the rooms during Kyoto's hot summers.

The traditional Japanese sliding doors, the so called shōji, give the light a pleasant shade which underlines the wonderful character of this type of living.

All of Aoi KYOTO STAY's houses keep this original character but do also offer the convenience of modern technology to the visitor. In combining those two components in perfect harmony, you will have a most extraordinary stay in Kyoto.

Be whisked away to the wonderful world of the Machiya and experience the traditional way of living in Japan.