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Frequently-asked questions

About reservation / cancellation fees

QFrom when can a reservation be made?
AIt is possible to make a reservation as early as three months before the scheduled check-in date. In case of a request for reservation for stay of more than three nights before the above-mentioned reservation period, please contact us via email.
QIs cancellation charged?
ACancellation after 14 days before the scheduled check-in date will be charged.
QExtra fees other than accommodation fees are required?
ACleaning fees, consumption tax, etc. are included in accommodation fees. In principle, no extra fees other than accommodation fees are required, unless you use options, such as the breakfast service.

About check-in/ check-out/ fees

QWhat is check-in period?
AGuests are requested to check in from 14:00 to 18:00. Our staff will welcome you at the facility, which you have reserved, at your scheduled arrival time. Please let us know your scheduled arrival time via email or phone by the day before.
QWhat is check-out time?
AGests are required to check out by 11:00 in the morning. In principle, it can be extended by noon as late check-out, but charged by 30% of the regular accommodation fee. For request for late check-out after 11:00am, please consult our staff at the time of booking.
QCan I stay at your facility for more than two consecutive nights?
AYes, you can. The change of amenities and cleaning services during your stay will be offered upon your request. For long-term stay, discount rates may be offered. Please consult us in advance.
QDo your accommodation fees include dinning expenses?
ADinning expenses are not included in accommodation fees. Upon your request, dinning services - the delivery of breakfast and the catering of lunch and dinner from our partner restaurants - are available (reservation needed, charged service).
QCan I cook at your facilities?
A A microwave, electric pot, etc. are equipped in the mini kitchen, whereby you can reheat prepared foods. Regular cooking, however, is prohibited because of fire prevention, etc. For the recommendation or reservation of nearby restaurants, etc, please consult us in advance, if needed.
QCan I ship my luggage to your facility in advance?
AYes, you can. Please send it to the address of our main office. Your luggage will be in your room upon check-in.
*Do not send raw food ingredients or valuables.
*Address: To Aoi Corporation
Tenno-cho 145-1 4F , Kiyamachi-dori , Bukkoji Agaru , Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8013 Japan
Tel: 81-75-354-7770
QDo you accept a group of more persons than a quota?
AIn principle, we do not accept such groups to maintain the quality of services.
QIn case of change to reservation, such as the number of members, what shall I do?
APlease let us know as soon as possible for our preparations. In case of an increase in members, you will be required to transfer additional fees to our bank account. In case of a decrease in members, corresponding fees will be refunded at your arrival.
QHow about bed-making?
AIn principle, the futon bed is prepared in advance so that you can go to bed anytime after arrival. If you want to make a futon bed yourself, please make a request at the time of booking.
QCan minors use your facilities?
AA group of only minors cannot use our facilities. Minors shall be accompanied by guardians.
QAbout the detailed location of the facility.
AFor security reasons, the exact locations of our facilities are not given on the websites. Upon the completion of reservation, the map showing the exact location will be sent to the representative person by e-mail, by fax, or by post.
QCan I bring my pets?
AWe are very sorry, but pets are prohibited in our facilities.
QIn case of emergency, with whom shall I contact?
AEmergency contacts will be given to guests upon check-in.

About equipment in facilities

QDo you have a parking space?
AYou are requested to use a toll parking near the facility. Aoi:Shinmachi has a free parking only for one vehicle. Please consult us at the time of reservation, if you will visit the facility by car. The map showing parking lots nearby will be sent to the representative.
QCan I smoke inside your facilities?
ASmoking is prohibited in all the facilities. We are very sorry for your inconvenience. Your understanding would be greatly appreciated.
QCan I use the Internet?
AWe guarantee high-speed Internet accessibility, and a Wi-Fi network is also available.
QIs a refrigerator available?
AThe refrigerator is installed in all the facilities, whereby complimentary bottled mineral water (500ml) is offered to all the visitors.
QIn the winter, isn't it too cold?
AAll the facilities are equipped with the air conditioner. Also, for townhouses where ambient temperatures tend to become too low, the floor heating is also installed. Please do not worry. Sensitivity to cold weather, however, varies by persons. If you feel cold after check-in, please contact the staff. Additional heating equipment will be brought in.