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List of our facilities

All of our houses are located in the traditional and modern downtown area of Kyoto and are only a few steps away from the most popular and beautiful sightseeing spots in the city. Each and every House features its own distinct atmosphere. Whether it is a house with a deck overlooking the banks of the Kamogawa River or a former sake brewery with a storage house in the backyard - we offer a luxurious and unforgettable experience for all tastes and preferences. For security reasons, only general locations are indicated on the map. We will give you exact locations upon reservation.

Kyo-Machiya - Renovated traditional Japanese townhouses

This Machiya is located in one of Kyoto's most historically and culturally significant districts. Many cultural treasures such as the Yasaka shrine or the Geisha neighborhood Gion are located within walking distance. Aoi - Yasaka Kodaiji radiates a relaxing and calming atmosphere that will enhance your stay in Kyoto.


Aoi: Kamogawa-tei

At Aoi - Kamogawa-tei, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Kamogawa River glistening in the morning light while unwinding on the wooden deck. In addition, the wide selection of beautiful antiques and the bright, spacious character of this house make your stay a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Aoi: Takasegawa

You can relax right next to the calm Takase River in the comfort of your own home. During the spring season magnificent cherry blossoms seaming the banks take pride of the area and a unique and formidable view you can barely find elsewhere in Kyoto.

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Aoi: Manjuji-bashi

The entrance to our house at Manjuji-Bashi can be reached by walking down a narrow pathway at the banks of Takase River. This Machiya is elegantly decorated with hand-made Japanese wallpaper crafted by renounced Kyoto artisans Karacho and Kamisoe and the bathroom made of Japanese umbrella pine exudes a sweet fragrance.

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This spacious house used to be a sake brewery and features a small inner garden, a high-ceiling living room and a koyamaki pine bath, making the experience at this outstanding Machiya perfect. Even the sake storage building with its thick stone walls still remains and is now utilized as an art gallery with a variety of authentic antiques and other pottery goods.

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STUDIO -Renovation of western-style house-

Aoi: Ayanokouji-bashi

This cozy Western-style house is suitable for visitors who plan on staying from a few days to a few weeks. Here you can admire the radiant beauty of the Takase River while observing the locals who stroll down Kiyamachi-dori Street. Many visitors take advantage of the convenient location by enjoying the multitude of popular bars and restaurants located nearby.

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