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Aoi Shinmachi is located about
10 minutes on foot from subway
Shijo station / Hankyu Karasuma
station and comes with a parking
space (*1). Shimachi-dori as well
as Muromachi-dori which is located
two blocks further east run in
north-south direction and used to
be the commercial center of Kyoto.

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Powerful merchant families lived next door to each other. A large part of Gion-Matsuri, one of Kyoto's great three festivals, also takes place on these two streets. Nowadays it is home to many kimono fabric wholesalers and especially north of Shijo dori many beautiful two story Machiya still remain.

Shinmachi house used to be a sake brewery and then became home to the family of an old established gold and silver string company's president. Enjoy the great view of the beautiful enclosed garden from the luxuriously furnished traditional Japanese Tatami rooms, enjoy a bath in the hot tub made from Koyamaki (Japanese umbrella pine) or listen to music from the HiFi system in the spacious living room with its high ceiling. The generous use of wood and the both classical Japanese as well as spacious interior design contribute to the unique atmosphere of calmness and quietness.

Furthermore there are many famous restaurants nearby which also deliver to your doorstep. Enjoy dinner at home or discover new restaurants while strolling through the streets.

(*1) There is a parking space for small to medium sized cars. Please use public parking lots for larger vehicles.

There is Aoi's Blue and White Gallery all the way back in the traditional garden.

Blue and White are colors with a long tradition in Japanese Art and culture, especially pottery, though the originality of the design doesn't cease to surprise.

The "Aoi Blue & White Gallery" is an art gallery in an approximately 100 year old renovated sake storage house behind the garden of Shinmachi house. Aoi's president Yoshiko Negishi has collected a multitude of art pieces over the years, for instance porcelain from Imari, indigo-dyed fabrics or exotic brocades as well as books about the arts, crafts and Machiya of Kyoto, which you can look at here.

Moreover you will find several antique dressers and chests as well as modern furniture by established names like Scandinavian vintage designers Finn Juhl, Hans J. Wegner or Arne Jacobsen as well as the Swiss-born Le Corbusier who was mainly active in France.

Details of the house

Capacity : 5 guests
Room :
1F Living room, Japanese style rooms (6 and 4.5 tatami mats,) Bathroom with Japanese umbrella pine tub, Toilet, Kitchen
2F Japanese style rooms (6 and 3 tatami mats,) Toilet
Gallery Space: Kitchen, Toilet, Laundry

Floor plan is here.


Internet access : Broadband wireless internet
Room : Slippers, Air conditioner, Heater, Radiant in-floor heating (1F,) Humidifier, BOSE (CD and iPod connector), TV (1F)
Kitchen : Electric Kettle, Microwave, Coffee maker, Nespresso (Gallery,) Tableware and cutlery
Bathroom : Japanese umbrella pine tub (1F), Toilet seats with a warm-water shower, Hair dryer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Toothbrush, Tooth paste, Razor, Towels.
TV : 1F


Aoi Tkasegawa
  • 15 minute walk from Keihan Kiyomizu Gojo station
  • 10 minute by car from Hankyu Kawaramachi station
  • 10 minute by car from JR Kyoto station


Aoi Shinmachi location is in the city center, so it is very easy to access to sightseeing areas, local restaurnats, and also shopping spots especially Shijo: it is about 10 minutes walk to Shijo from the house.

How to enjoy your stay.

  • Sitting in the couch and relaxing with the music you like with BOSE in the Shinmachi living room.
  • Taking a bath and enjoying the aroma of Japanese umbrella pine tub.
  • Let's take a walk in the morning by the river or toward the Kiyomizu Temple.
  • Let's take a walk in the city.
  • Checking restaurants in the city or ask catering and have dinner in the house might be also nice.
  • "Aoi's Blue and White Gallery" will be great space for enjoying art: we provide vintage Scandinavian chairs, art pieces and books about architecture, townhouses, traditional art and so on.
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