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Aoi KYOTO STAY: Styles


Breakfast delivery
Upon your request, breakfast (fresh-baked bread, fresh salad, fruits, yoghurt, etc.) will be delivered to your room (reservation needed, charged service)
Enjoy luxury of appreciating Kyoto cuisine at your room. A Kyoto-style lunch box and Kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course dinner) provided by established restaurants can be enjoyed at your room (reservation needed, charged service).

Foodstuff (Kyoto vegetables, prepared food, pickles, etc.) can be bought from Nishiki market, a famous marketplace which is about 5 to 10-minut walk from our facilities.
Many of Kyoto's popular dinning spots are within a 5-minute walk from our facilities, such as Kiyamachi-dori Street, a home to established Japanese restaurants, and Nishi-Kiyamachi-dori Street, a showcase of trendy restaurants. Recommendations can be given according to your requests.
Japanese-style sweet
Kyoto is home to a variety of confectionery stores, from established Japanese-style confectionary stores to retailers of innovated green tea sweet. How about going around and visit the confectionary stores?


For active tourists

Kyoto is a showcase of various scenic spots, represented by Higashiyama and arashiyama, and legions of shrines and temples. They can be visited by train, by bus, or by tourism taxi. For tour planning, please contact us. We will draw up a tour plan based on your request.

Sauntering along the River Kamo in the morning is tremendous. Enjoy a luxury of getting it all to you the scenery, where ducks and herons peck at feed on the surface of river shimmering in morning light. How about going a little further to Shimogamo and Kamigamo Shrines and purifying yourself at the start of the day? At dusk, saunter along stone pavements in Gion or Miyagawa-cho, geisha districts, and you will notice a low-key but cheering air of festivity in Kyoto.

From our facilities, many famous shopping areas are within walking distance: the antique street in Teramachi; Sannenzaka Street flanked by souvenir shops and pottery shops in Kiyomizu district; and the street in front of Yasaka Shrine, home to a variety of established traders. How about finding your favorite items?

Ochaya (Geisha teahouses)
Geisha dancing can be appreciated at teahouses in the Gion and Miyagawacho districts. Upon your request, an appropriate teahouse can be recommended.

Virtual geisha experience
Many people love virtual geisha experience. Please contact us, if you want to try. Prior reservation can save your time and allow you to become a geisha in about one and a half hour. You can be photographed as a geisha, for your memory. (Reservation needed, charged service)
A pottery class is offered by several shops in the Kiyomizu district. Painted pottery will be delivered to your home in about one month.


For retreat-type tourists

Spa & yoga
Get away from your busy life, relax yourself body and soul with scenic landscape highlighted by the river, and take care of your body. Upon your request, yoga or acupuncture at your room or beauty salon treatments can be arranged. (Reservation needed, charged service)
Tea ceremony
How about serving green tea for your partners or friends, away from a bustling city?

Audio equipment
Bose audio equipment is installed in all the facilities. Record players are also available in certain facilities. Your iPod can be connected to Bose audio equipment. Forget about time and relax yourself with your favorite music.

Books about Japanese traditional craftsmanship, arts, townhouses and country houses, interior design, etc. are available at our libraries. You may open the gateway to the formerly-unknown realm of Japanese traditional craftsmanship.

High-quality stationery and original Washi (traditional Japanese paper) are available in each facility. How about writing a letter for your partners or friends in a relaxed sense of time?