Aoi KYOTO STAY: Styles

Japan is world famous for its culinary culture. With a total of 32 Michelin three-starred restaurants Japan is the world leader and Kyoto on the third place after Paris and Tokyo. The cuisine of Kyoto, commonly called Kyô-ryôri, is unique in the world and known for the meticulous selection of every single ingredient and the visually breathtaking composition. Most famous is probably "Kaiseki", carefully prepared and at the same time surprisingly simple multi-course menus which originate in Japanese tea ceremony and are commonly served in ryokan, traditional Japanese inns.

But Kyoto offers a lot more: Whether it's Shôjin-ryôri, vegetarian Buddhist style cuisine which makes use of such ingredients as tofu, a multitude of Western-inspired pasta restaurants or cafés or the astonishingly savory Kyoto-style ramen noodle soup – there is something for every taste. We offer our guests a selection of breakfast and dinner delivery options. Please contact us at least three days in advance. Additionally we have made a selection of restaurants you should not miss out on during your stay in Kyoto and put them into an easy to use interactive map (see preview). We are happy to make further recommendations and place reservations for you.

Breakfast delivery

If requested we can arrange breakfast delivery (additional charge applies). You can choose between Continental or Japanese style breakfast. Enjoy freshly baked bread, salad, fruits and yogurt from Gion-based bakery ORENOPAN or a traditional Buddhist shôjin-style breakfast prepared by renowned restaurant IZUSEN (please note that we also offer a plan including breakfast on our reservation page).

Explore Kyoto

You can have specialties of Kyoto cuisine delivered to your doorstep and enjoy them in your private space without even leaving the house. From Japanese style lunch boxes (o-bentô) to a multi-course Kaiseki dinner we can arrange a variety of options (additional charge).

Breakfast delivery

You will find many famous traditional restaurants as well as popular wine dining and other eating spots in the direct vicinity of our houses. Of course we can arrange reservations. Upon reservation we will provide you with an extensive restaurant guide map.