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Isn't one of the greatest pleasures in travelling taking a souvenir or a photo home with you and showing it to your friends, family or colleagues or simply picking it up every once in a while to bask in memories of an unforgettable trip?.

Kyoto is not only home to numerous historical sites but also features a vivid and active culture. Tea ceremony, craftsmanship like Japanese fans or traditional sweets or Geisha, the traditional performing and entertainment artists are not only relics of the past but a part of everyday life. And you can be a part of it.

"Taiken", the Japanese word for a "personal or physical experience", is now more popular than ever. Many shops offer workshops where you can step into the shoes of a Japanese artisan or Geisha for a few hours. A handcrafted small box covered in Japanese paper, a handmade fan, pottery or a small photo album with you dressed as a Maiko – Feel Japanese culture with your own hands and take it home with you..

In our customized Taiken Guide, which we provide to all guests staying with us, we introduce you to some of the most popular stores and workshops offering "Taiken". We are happy to make reservations and arrange English guidance. If you found something you are interested in do not hesitate to contact us.