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Aoi KYOTO STAY: Styles

Kyoto has been Japan's capital for more than one thousand years and is still considered the cultural heart of Japan. Not only are seventeen shrines, temples and one castle designated UNESCO Cultural Heritage sites located in the area but there are countless of other spots of scenic beauty and historical relevance to discover as well as many traditional arts and crafts shops, tea houses and many others.

Kyoto is also home to a vibrant Geisha culture, a tradition that has died out in most places throughout Japan. However in Kyoto you will be able to observe the highly trained performing artists linger through the tea house quarters every day.

Kyoto is also home to some of the most notable Japanese festivals (matsuri). The Gion Matsuri might be called the most famous festival in all of Japan and the Jidai Matsuri and Aoi Matsuri are well-known throughout the country as well. A popular postcard motive is the Gozan Okuribi, where huge Japanese characters (Daimonji) are burnt on the mountains surrounding the city.

Kyoto is also known for its natural beauty and thus visitor numbers peak during the Sakura (cherry blossoms) and Momiji (autumn leaves) seasons.

There are plenty of things to do while staying in Kyoto and no matter how often you visit this exceptional city it will never cease to amaze you. To make sure you fully enjoy your stay we have selected a few of the most beautiful spots in Kyoto and created interactive guides to assist you in your adventures. You can find a preview here and the full maps will be made available to you upon reservation.