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What is Aoi KYOTO STAY

You will feel as you are in your own private space.

We provide a single house for and your entourage, so privacy is guaranteed at all times. Whether you are a married couple, lovers, friends or family we invite you to indulge in the luxurious homes and utilize the convenient location to bask in old Kyoto or to simply escape the stress of modern life. We hope you enjoy the traditional Japanese lifestyle during your stay in our comfortable homes.

Surrounded by a large collection of antique and vintage furniture.

We have renovated the Machiya with a modern approach in mind while preserving the atmosphere of the old townhouses. You will be able to find both antique furniture and other artifacts, like Chinese and Japanese pottery or Korean wooden chests, as well as high quality Western-style furniture designed by Cassina, Time&Style and many other renowned artists. Leave the stress of everyday life behind and browse the artifacts or listen to your favorite 1950s or 1960s songs from a record. We hope our photos will give you the genuine feeling of what it is like for you, your family and friends to spend time at Aoi KYOTO STAY.

Experience of modern and traditional Japan in downtown Kyoto.

All of our houses are located in downtown Kyoto and numerous historical sights and landmarks are located within walking distance. There are also countless restaurants as well as long-established shops in the neighborhood where you can enjoy the various seasonal foods of Kyoto, such as Wagashi (Japanese sweets) or Tsukemono (pickled vegetables). The Nishiki Food Market, better known as the "Cuisine of Kyoto" is located just few minutes away. Here, you can buy fresh vegetables, fish and everything else your heart desires. You can experience the historical and traditional part of Kyoto right at its home!

Sensual pleasure inspired by detailed design.

Every day, you can you gaze at the rising sun glistening on the surface of the river, listen to old records streaming in the background, feel the soft and comfortable beddings and towels, and smell the rustic scents of the Tatami mats... We aim to please all your senses and carefully select all the equipment, furniture and amenities to enhance your stay.

Various styles of stay from retreat to active tourism.

It is our pleasure to assist you in your travel planning. We are also happy to arrange a delivery of a traditional Kyoto style breakfast, fresh salad, or freshly baked bread (Reservation required, charged service). In addition, we can provide advice for your daily activities, restaurant recommendations and make reservations. Please also take a look at our relaxation and cultural programs (Reservation required, charged service).

Tight security system but easy to use even for first-time visitors.

All of our houses are equipped with a remote-surveillance auto-lock system that can be conveniently unlocked with a key card. During emergencies, you can contact us 24/7 through our emergency hotline. Your security is fully taken care of so that you can continue your plans in Kyoto without having to worry about anything during your stay.